SourceTree: free client for Git & Mercurial

Recently I work more and more with products from the guys at Atlassian, like Jira and Confluence. In 2010 they bought the company BitBucket, a Mercurial hoster, and a little bit later its Mac client SourceTree. It is even freeware by now, and I must say it is a very good alternative to terminal.

Sourcetree for Mac
Sourcetree for Mac

Some weeks ago they even got the Windows-Version out:

Git for Beginners

Do you know Codeschool? Ever heard of CodeAcademy? These are great plattforms for beginners who are willing to start learning to code. It’s like a wizard which guides you through your first steps of programming, really easy and convenient. You can see it in action (with no signing up-hassle) here:

The guys from Codeschool have a course about Git, perfect for diving into it: