Symfony Live Berlin 2014

In October I went to the SymfonyLive in Berlin, I was pleasantly surprised how high the niveau of the speeches was. It was my first time there, in the years before I was only attending some general fairs like the Internet World or the TYPO3-Bootcamp, where I found some lightweighted CSS-talks :)

But here at SimfonyLive my tech-heart jumped higher, because all the topics seemed quite interesting to me when I read the program. After all there were some better speakers and some worse (as always), but these were my favourite ones:

Thorsten Rinne
He talked about a whole refactoring and redesign of the code and infrastructure of Yatego and how they used Elastic Search for that, very interesting talk

Benjamin Eberlei
How does Facebook roll out or test certain features to a small group of people? Tadaaaah, it’s Feature Flags!

Nils Adermann, creator of composer (thanks for that, you’re a genius)
Nils presented a nice way to asynchronically work on datastreams. Wow, I didn’t know you could go so far with PHP. For example a curl-call to a 1-mio-item-json which never has to be persisted in whole

Dustin Whittle: Scaling PHP
MemCached, Workers, Doctrine-Cache, http-cache: a solid roundtrip to all the performance-approaches in the PHP-world.



Git for Beginners

Do you know Codeschool? Ever heard of CodeAcademy? These are great plattforms for beginners who are willing to start learning to code. It’s like a wizard which guides you through your first steps of programming, really easy and convenient. You can see it in action (with no signing up-hassle) here:

The guys from Codeschool have a course about Git, perfect for diving into it: