TYPO3-Extbase: Redirect exceptions to 404-page

Sometimes your Extbase-extension crashes and throws an exception, especially when it tries to fetch entities which were hidden or deleted . As for development this might be acceptable, for live-environment it is not. But hey, a solution to this problem is near: Catch the exception and pass it into the regular TYPO3-error-handling (which is normally a 404).

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TYPO3: open fancybox / lightbox with second image

The TYPO3-Extension cl_jquery_fancybox enhances the click-to-enlarge capability of with the beautiful “fancybox-effect”.

Sometimes you do not only want to enlarge the same picture, but you want to open a different image in the lightbox (thumbnail pictureOne.jpg opens picure2.jpg). You can add a file-link, but unfortunately the lightbox-effect disappears :(

Just add this line of code to typoscript and all images with a filelink get a lightbox-class:

(worked with TYPO3 6.1.6 & cl_jquery_fancybox 3.0.6)

TYPO3 settings for multi-domain site

Whenever you have your TYPO3-system running on several machines, like local, stage and dev, you have to change the settings in your localconf.php, at least in the older versions of TYPO3.

Since TYPO3 6.0 you have to set it in the file AdditionalConfiguration.php, for this one is not being overwritten like LocalConfiguration.php.

Simply check the host you are on and set the db-credentials accordingly: